Facebook Marketing - Build A Brand And Generate Sales Online 

Facebook is here to stay.

Based on the latest data, Facebook has 2.2 Billion active users and has dominated the worldwide social platforms.

With the huge number of users on Facebook, there is a golden opportunity to utilize Facebook marketing and grow your business via social media marketing.

But first…

What is Facebook Marketing 

Facebook marketing is a form of disruptive marketing where your ads would be displayed to people who are on Facebook to connect with their friends or watch videos.

The key to success in Facebook marketing is to “stop” people while they are scrolling their news feed on desktop or mobile phone.

So how can you do that?

By having a creative image or video and combine the creatives with slick copywriting on the ad. People are NOT looking to buy on Facebook, so to disrupt them, your creatives have to stand out to capture their attention and stop the scrolling to ensure people are 100% focused on your ad.

Types of Facebook Advertising

If you are interested to advertise on Facebook, select the types of Facebook advertising that best suit your business. 

Head over to your Facebook Ads Manager and you will see there are a total of 11 Facebook advertising objectives in 2018.

With plenty of marketing objectives to choose from, let’s briefly go through the common Facebook advertising objective:

Traffic – Select this objective if you need traffic to your website. The key is to target the right audience to display your ads to. The traffic objective is ideal for businesses looking to increase website visitors or share blog posts with a large group of audience.

Engagement – Select this objective if you need more likes and shares on your Facebook ad. Engagement objective is good for testing as you would know which are the ad which generates the most likes and shares. You can then run a traffic or conversion ad to drive people to your website.

Lead Generation – Select this objective if you are a B2B business. With lead generation, you are able to capture leads directly from Facebook itself.

Messages – If you have an automated bot, select the messages objective and utilize messenger marketing to capture leads via Facebook Messenger. You can then broadcast your message to your subscribers using messenger instead of email. Sending a message via Messenger would drastically increase your open rates as compared to email.

Conversion – Select the conversion objective if you have an e-commerce store. Conversion objective will optimize view content, add to cart, and purchases, all of which is the bread and butter of an e-commerce store. You can also select the conversion objective is you have a digital product to sell on your website.

Before you start any Facebook advertising campaign, be clear about your objectives first. You may also test 2-3 objectives concurrently to see which campaign works best for your business.

Facebook Marketing vs Google Adwords 

One of the common questions asked is, “should I use Facebook marketing or Google Adwords?”

Both are different marketing channels and they both have their strengths and weakness. Here are the pros and cons of each channel:

Facebook Marketing


  • Able to target appropriate group of audience based on their interest and behaviour.
  • Has the potential to go viral and establish a solid brand name online
  • Cheaper as compared to Google Adwords.


  • Require high level of creativity to capture people’s attention

Google Adwords 


  • People are already looking for a solution, higher chances of closing the sale.
  • Faster results and obtain immediate ROI.
  • Better quality leads.


  • Requires a higher budget to enter the game as Google Adwords is a more matured platform as compared to Facebook marketing.

If you have the budget to test, try out both Facebook marketing and Google Adwords to assess which channel gives you the highest ROI before deploying your budget accordingly.

Final Words 

While Facebook marketing is still cheaper today as compared to Google Adwords, it may not be the same case few years down the road as Facebook advertising platform matures at its peak.

Whether you are a B2B or a B2C, plan out a reasonable advertising budget and utilize Facebook marketing today!

If you need help in running a Facebook marketing for your business, email us at [email protected] or contact us below and we will design a campaign for your company.

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